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Chapter 1 – The Gem Kingdom

Once upon a time, in a land far away – further than you ever thought or dreamt, was the Gem Kingdom. Nestled at the bottom of the great ginormous mountains, the Gem Kingdom shone like the brightest star in the darkest sky – its glow could be seen from millions of miles around. It was made from the most precious gems and jewels which were mined from the secret caves and caverns where strange creatures of all shapes and sizes lived. Beyond the rickety rackety clinkety draw bridge and rainbow coloured walls lived the people – a very special group of people, as the people who lived in Gem Kingdom were all heroes. Each of them brave as they were adventurous, some were astronauts who discovered new planets, other were fire fighters who put out some of the most frightening fires, some were animals talkers and others were circus juggling stilt walkers. Whatever the people did, from the small to big, a statue was made in their honour. These remarkable figures paved the way to the Gem Castle.

The Gem Castle was by far the most treasured jewel in this wondrous place – princess ballerinas twirled around the spires from dawn until dusk, the bakers would bake and makers would make and the tinkers would tink. In the middle of all of the humming and drumming, sat on his thrown was King Wallis. Being the King meant he was the biggest hero in the Gem Kingdom, although no one knew what heroic or adventurous thing he actually did, and it was rude to brag so myths were made and whispers whispered, all different tall tales of how the King came to be King.

Much to the King and whole Kingdoms surprise, not everyone was happy in Gem Kingdom.  Prince Edward (or Edward as he liked to be called) had a sad face and heavy heart, as unlike his father or family, he still hadn’t been on an adventure which he could be proud of. He never thought he did a brave thing or a kind deed, he was still waiting for his chance to shine and he looked for an adventure everyday everywhere.

One day, Edward decided to look for his adventure in the royal rose gardens. He searched high in the oak trees and below in the badger’s hole, but he still couldn’t find his adventure, or even an adventure to go on.  As looked through the flowers King Wallis came and said ‘what are you doing to those lovely flowers?’.  Edward stopped his search and said ‘I’m looking for an adventure, but I can’t seem to find one anywhere, can you help me?’ The King thought long and hard, twirling his beard and scratching his head. ‘Okay son, the time has come. Go and pack your suitcase and meet me at three by spiralling spire.’

Edward threw open his suitcase and packed all of the essentials he would need to for an adventure, like the ones he day dreamt about for so long. He packed his telescope, jam sandwich, sun cream, teddy bear, plasters and bandages, a pot of honey, string, ham sandwich, arm bands, magic medicine, pocket watch and his cat Nora.

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Dragging his suitcase up the spiralling spire, the King handed Edward a key and said ‘This is where the adventure begins. There may be monsters, there may be treasure, there may be a challenge, there may be fun, but you must decide which way to go. Take my royal rocket, and blast out of this place, travel the world and see where your adventures take you.’

And so, that is what Edward did…BLAST OFF!