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Chapter 2 – The Frozen Treasure

Zooming through the sky, Edward looked out of his window and saw yellow and gold pointy stars whooshing past and said to Nora ‘I saw some quick stars that were golden Nora!’. After travelling for 8 hours in the royal rocket, Edward decided it was time to land. The fall was fast but their landing was soft. Wiping away the mist from his window, Edward peeked through to see a wintry land. ‘We’ve reached the South Pole, we’ll definitely find an adventure here.’

Stepping out of the rocket, Edward and Nora had to step carefully as there was white slippery freezy ice everywhere. The land felt unsteady under their feet, and they skated away from the rocket to explore this big white place…not before Edward tied his string to the rocket, just in case they got lost!

Amongst the towers of snow, Edward spotted a cave – a deep dark hole which looked like it could be a good shelter. Creeping into the mouth of the cave, Edward was stiff with cold and fear as he has never had been in a cave before, and he had heard stories of trolls and monsters which lived in caves just like this. In the distance there was a glowing light which they followed, with Nora leading the way. The glow got brighter and bigger the more they travelled into the cave, until they discovered that the glow was coming from a treasure chest.

Edward recognised the treasure chest, as it was the one which went missing from the Gem Kingdoma very long time again. The chest, so it was told in tales, had the King Wallis’ famous gold crown, 1000 golden coins, silver star jewels and the bracelets and necklaces which belonged to the Princess ballerinas.

 ‘Maybe this was our adventure Nora, to bring back the stolen treasure to the Gem Kingdom…we need to carry it back to the rocket’ said Edward. Just as they were about pick up the chest, there came a CRASH and a flash of fire as the Dragon arouse. ‘I am the scariest and meanest dragon in the whole entire world, you will never get my treasure!’ roared the dragon. The dragon was thin and tall, covered in blue and red spots with razor sharp teeth. He had skeleton wings and 8 legs like a hairy spider, which covered his deadliest weapon, his thunder claw!

 As the Dragon backed away form the chest,  Edward and Nora  could see that it was guarding 3 dragon eggs. Edward had a plan! With Nora’s help, they would return to the cave once the dragon was cleaning her eggs…but they weren’t going to be strong enough to carry the whole treasure chest by themselves! At that moment a ninja appeared form the shadows and introduced himself: ‘Hello Prince Edward, I’m Jo and I have been trying to return the treasure to your kingdom for a long time now. The dragon grows bigger everyday its close to the treasure, and the only way we can save the treasure and stop the Dragon from getting even bigger is to take it.”

 And that’s exactly what they did. Edward, Jo and Nora snuck into the cave like mice and carried the treasure from right under the sleeping Dragon’s nose. Just as they were about to reach the edge of the cave, they heard a CRACK. Turning around, they saw that the dragon’s eggs were hatching, wobbling from side to side like a plate of jelly. Picking up their pace, they found the string and followed it back to the rocket where they hid the chest. Edward told Jo all about his and Nora’s adventure so far, and in no time at all they felt like they had known each other for years and years. ‘I wonder what’s in the chest and if it will help us on our adventure’ said Edward. ‘Well’, said Jo ‘there is only one way to find out…’


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