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Chapter 4 – Be Careful What You Wish For…

The adventurers immediately started to drift off into their own fantasies, imagining what they would wish for from the Northen Star. Edward imagined himself as a wizard; the most powerful and wisest wizard that there ever was in the history of wizards. As a wizard he imagined all of the possibilities, the spells, the pointy hat, the mile long beard, the sparks that would fly from his fingers and the stories that people would tell about him. Nora’s fantasy on the other hand didn’t involve any hocus pocus or tricks she would pull from her sleeves, but rather the food which she so desperately missed. She imagined basking in 10 tonnes of her favourite fish, swimming in between the smoked salmon and gobbling up the tuna chucks.

Jo closed his eyes and searched his memory for that special thing which he always wanted but never dare tell anyone. Like a thunderbolt, it came to his head, and then to his lips, and before he could stop himself, he said ‘I wish we had a Robot Shark that would protect us from all kinds of danger…’

With an almighty bang came a shower of sparks which sprang off the branches in the Tree of Secrets, making the howler monkeys dance around with excitement.

‘What have you done Jo? You wished away our first wish!’ exhaled Edward. ‘I hope it’s going to help us’.

Jo’s eyes fell to the floor, as it was only a matter of time before his wish arrived. The sparks that showered above started to take their form, making Jo’s wish a reality. Nora and Edward watched in awe as the last few sparks jetted into each other, revealing the Robot Shark. It crashed to the floor, along with Edward and Nora’s mouths in shock. After a few more minutes of shock, Edward looked at Jo in disbelief and said ‘What an earth is that?!’. Jo sheepishly looked at his feet and said ‘Well it’s a shark, a Robot Shark.’

‘How is a Robot Shark going to help us on our quest?’ asked Edward with much curiosity, and a little bit of anger. ‘It’s not just ANY Robot Shark, this Robot Shark is one of a kind, take a look and see’ pleaded Jo. Edward and Nora slowly stepped towards the mechanical monster, and on closer inspection it was just as ugly as it was when it fell from the sky.

The Robot Shark was made of blue metal and had a rustic gold mouth, which exposed its razor sharp teeth and emerald green tongue.  Sliding out of the side of the Robot Shark, were his wings, diamond encrusted and shaped like crashing waves. To fill the silence, Jo decided to explain all about the Robot Shark’s features and how it could help them on their Quest. ‘ This is going to be really useful because it’s made from the strongest materials ever found; we can hide from any beasts and transport ourselves in the sky or sea’ said Jo smugly. The howler monkeys were thrilled to be in the company of the Robot Shark, dancing around it and offering it all of their most favourite things. The celebration was cut short by the entrance of Florence, the howler monkey spy.

‘You must be the adventurers! Everyone is talking about your legendry adventures and how you came to overcome the Dragon and Cheetah. It’s whispered through the trees that the Dragon and Cheetah are teaming up to catch you and use the last 2 wishes of the Northen Star. They will only want to make bad wishes, so you must go! Get in your Robot Shark and dive to the depths of the sea, before their army of predators assembles and catches you.’

Without a second thought, the adventurers leapt inside their armoured beast…maybe Jo didn’t waste a wish after all! The holwler monkeys wished them on their way, and as before, Nora took control of driving. She pushed and tinkered with the control buttons until the Robot Shark sprang into life, flapping through the jungle on its way to the ocean.

As beautiful as the Robot Shark was thought Jo, it wasn’t as comfortable as traveling in the rocket as they were tossed from side to side, holding onto the ropes and nets inside for their dear life. The Robot Shark swam, flew and drove the adventurers for 7 days, until they reached the safety of a desert island in the middle of the Coral Ocean.

Nora threw down the anchor and docked the Robot Shark in the shallow pools of the island. Emerging from the Robot Shark, Edward and Jo felt dizzy and had never been so pleased to see dry land. As the boys took refuge on the shore, Nora went fishing for their dinner; after all, she was not only the best driver but the best cook as well.

As she dived down into the coral to collect a crab or two, Nora could see a dark shadow approach her in the water. The shadow made the water turn black, and before she knew it, she was pulled out of the water by a scaly predator. It inspected her up and down as it flicked out his forked lizard tongue. ‘My masters will reward me for this…’ slurped the predator. Taking Nora by the scruff of the neck, the predator locked Nora away in a clam.

Waking up on the shore, Jo and Edward waited for Nora to return with their dinner. When the sun dropped and moon rose, Edward started to get concerned about Nora and set off to find his companion. He looked in the coconut trees, the lagoons, the rock pools and long grass, but he couldn’t find her anywhere. His mission was cut short by the cry of Jo…


Sprinting to the beach, Edward was greeted by Jo who was white with fear. ‘What is it Jo?’ asked Edward. ‘Look in the sand, there is a message’, croaked Jo. It read:

You double crossed us and now it’s time to pay the price, you will do what we say or the cat will be fed to the sabre-toothed mice. Leave us the wishes and go back far from where you came, the cat will be returned and you will get your fame. You have until dawn to leave us the star, you will know its time when I go RAR!!!! (yours sincerely, Dragon and Cheetah)

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